How To Prepare?


After being admitted to educational programs at the IUST and being approved by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, the applicant should apply to obtain a (student) visa from the embassy.


International students are required to join in public health insurance after registration at the university. The health insurance fee is estimated 10,500,000 rials (162$) per year. IUST Health Department has a Health Center to provide health care for students.
-Medical Staff: the active medical staff of this department include internist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, general practitioner, nutritionist, obstetrician, and optometrist.
-Emergency Room: In this part of the department, doctors visit the patients and if needed, they become temporarily hospitalized. Outpatient procedures such as wound dressing, serum therapy, and electrocardiography are also performed. ER is open in working hours. If it is required, an ambulance will transport the patient to a contracted hospital.
-Drugstore: it sells prescribed medications by its doctors to the students during working hours.
-Physical and mental health monitoring system: this system is implemented by the Health Center to monitor the health condition of freshman students, screen for diseases, intervene for diseases, create medical record, and make medical record card.