Iran University of Science and Technology was originally founded in 1929 as the first Iranian institution to train engineers. With more than 82 years of experience, IUST was initially named the State Technical Institute, and later it was named Honarsaraye A’li, i.e., Advanced Art College. The institute continued to educate engineering students in different fields, who were well employed after graduation by industries and companies mostly involved in industrialization and development processes in the country. Due to its growth, the title of the institute was once again changed in 1972 to Iran Faculty of Science and Technology. With further development by its faculty, the institute expanded its programs by offering new fields in engineering. Eventually in 1978, the institution was promoted the status of a technical university, approved by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education. Ever since, the institute earned its name “Iran University of Science and Technology” (IUST).
After the nationwide Cultural Revolution of 1980, IUST made great progress in its postgraduate educational and research fields, and was thereafter qualified in 1990 to admit PhD students in Civil Engineering and Materials Engineering fields for the first time. Other departments within IUST gradually developed and offered PhD degrees.

IUST has now granted degrees to over 32,000 students. The main branch as well as its branches in the cities of Noor and Behshahr benefit from more than 370 faculty members (56 professors, 113 student-professors, 171 assistant-professors), five vice-chancellors, fourteen schools and departments, fourteen research centers, and three research centers. Currently, IUST has enrolled 7247 undergraduate students, 5045 graduate students, and 908 Ph.D students. IUST’s main campus located northeast of Tehran extends to 42 acres, and encompasses numerous degree programs, laboratories, a central library, residential halls, mosque, administrative buildings, sport arenas, and an extraordinary scenery for students to pursue their education in a comforting environment.